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“The blockchain is the financial challenge of our time. It is going to change the way that our financial world operates” – Blythe Masters


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Our story

AMBC’s vision for a completely digital payment system for everyday users was sparked in 2015. Planning and architectural structuring however only started in mid-2016 as conceptualising the model to be functional for daily transactions proved difficult. Initially the solution revolved around a single currency called Africa Master Coin (AMC), however it didn’t address the aspects of the daily transactions that we wanted to be achievable by everyday customers and not just investors. The total solution came with the rebranding for Africa Master Coin (AMC) to AfriUnionCoin (AUC) and the creation of the AfriNationalToken (ANT) as the solution to having a daily stable transaction currency as well as a more international and speculative currency.

Total design and structuring has taken close to two years and public announcement about the project was done in March 2018, which sparked the international roadshow events that were carried out throughout Asia, Middle East and Africa. With further refinement the ambitious goal of creating the digital Euro for Africa was set and a timeline of 20 years to fully expand throughout all 54 countries in Africa as well as working closely with the African Union and local governments within each African country to create a safe and regulated environment for the new era of digital currencies.


AMBC has set key values in respect to the overall vision for AUC and ANT, these being:

  • Transparency,
  • Ease of use and convenience,
  • Fast transaction speeds and low fees,
  • State of the art security,
  • Accessibility.

AMBC’s vision will first be achieved through a financial focus and later expanded to multiple blockchain offerings through the AUC mainnet, which will continuously evolve and upgrade as time and technology gets better and better with time offering more and more services for customers, government and business.

AMBC wishes to reinvigorate economies of the African countries that AUC and ANT are expanded to by making it easier for international players to participate in the economies as well as giving the local residence more financial freedom and choice for their purchasing power. AMBC is set to launch in early 2019 with South Africa being the first starting point and thereafter expanding throughout the rest of Africa.

Kgalema Motlanthe

Honourary Chairman

Previous president of the Republic of South Africa. Chairman and founder of the Kgalema Motlanthe Foundation as well as avid supporter of advancement through learning and technology for future generations.

Hillow Maeko


Mr Hillow Maeko is the Chief Executive Officer of Africa Master Blockchain Company (AMBC). He has operated at the Executive level since 1988. He sits in several boards in South Africa. He has developed strong people management skills to lead and motivate a team of professionals due to his long service experience at executive management level in the public sector, private sector and the labour sector.

George Gordon


Co – Architect of the AfriUnion Coin and the project as a whole, George Gordon is the Director of AMBC as well as several other companies in various industries most prominent being Trapeace Holdings. George Gordon spearheads all business development regionally and internationally. His expertise comes from years of experience and continuous learning about new advances around the world.


Zukile Nomvete

Chairperson of SITA (State Information Technology Agency).

Dr. Jackson Mphafudi

Deputy Chairman of BRICS Business Council South Africa.
Doctor of Medicine.

Colonel Johnny Sexwale

Board Member : Gauteng Gambling Board.
Board Member : South African Responsible Gambling Foundation.
Chairman : Soweto Legion of Military Veterans.

Siphiwe Nyanda

Former Chief of South Africa National Defense Force.
Former Minister of Communication of South Africa.

Donovan A Chimhandamba

Executive Chairman of DIDG(Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group).

Buzwe Ephraim Yafele

Former (Interim) Group COO for the South African Post Office.
Former Executive Director of Aveng.
Former Board Member and Deputy President of Nuclear industry Association of South Africa.

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