“The blockchain is the financial challenge of our time.
It is going to change the way that our financial world operates"
Blythe Masters

What we do for you

Africa Master Blockchain Company (AMBC) is the leading expert in
Fintech and Blockchain services in Afirca.
We strive to create a unified African digital currency as well as a
state of the art digital payment platform
for all users to be able to achieve financial freedom and independence.

AMBC combines the public blockchain AUC with the existing payment system
AMBC Pay to complete the entire system.
The entire system, developed by AMBC,
is designed to replace the legal currency and will be widely used
in the real-life for salary payments and yearly payments,
payment of fines, all payments online, and offline stores.

Payments using AMBC will be integrated through the
international remittance system
and will take place across the world, including Africa.
Blockchain will further advance the authentication system,
producing personal credit information on the continent of
Africa with Big Data secured through the platform,
thereby advancing the financial industry.

AMBC Pay along with the AfriUnionCoin
will be the new dawn for Africa IT industry.

About us

Our Story

Total design and structuring for AMBC Payment Project has taken close to two years
and public announcement about the project was done in March 2018, which sparked
the international roadshow events that were carried out throughout Asia,
Middle East and Africa. With further refinement the ambitious goal of creating the
digital Euro for Africa was set and a timeline of 20 years to fully expand throughout
all 54 countries in Africa as well as working closely with the African Union and local
governments within each African country to create a safe and regulated environment
for the new era of digital currencies

AMBC has set key values in respect to the overall vision for Payment Platform, these being:
  • Transparency.
  • Ease of use and convenience.
  • Fast transaction speeds and low fees.
  • State of the art security.

AMBC’s vision will first be achieved through a financial focus and later expanded to
multiple busines area through the Payment Platform, which will continuously evolve
and upgrade as time and technology gets better and better with time offering more
and more services for customers, government and business.

AMBC wishes to reinvigorate economies of the African countries that Payment Platform
are expanded to by making it easier for international players to participate in the
economies as well as giving the local residence more financial freedom and choice for
their purchasing power. AMBC is set to launch in early 2019 with South Africa being the
first starting point and thereafter expanding throughout the rest of Africa.



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Zukile Nomvete


Dr. Jackson


Colonel Johnny


Siphiwe Nyanda


Donovan A


Buzwe Ephraim


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