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AUC systems

The AUC platform aims to provide a blockchain mainnet that can unify the African economy based on the AUC Blockchain System and the ANT Blockchain System. Various services with the AUC Exchange System at the center will be built on top of the AUC blockchain infrastructure to provide transparent and reliable financial services.

Merchant services

Hardware and software will be provided to merchant services to aid the accessibility to the Afri Nation Token(ANT) and it’s usability. This allows the public to interface with our systems directly through the merchant partners, creating an easy to use payment system.


ANT Exchange

The ANT, or Afri Nation Token, is a value token system which is hosted through the AMBC exchange to a fixed 1:1 ratio on the local FIAT currency. The server will act as a locl hub for transactions and facilitate the conversions to and from AUC or FIAT currencies.

Payment system

Users can either create a wallet with us or link their account to hold ANT. This will give them access to trade ANT with merchant partners or buy and sell AUC. A user will scan a QR code at a POS device and the ANT transfer will be complete, it’s as simple as that.


Exchange's Key currency Feature and Dividend Policy​

Basic Benefit Governance​

AUC EcoPlayer

An AUC EcoPlayer is anyone that has an account with AfriHub. Users with a Diamond account will be liable for the AUC Rebate Transaction Reward Program.

AUC Rebate Transaction Reward Program

The AUC Rebate Transaction Reward Program is a way for active AUC traders to receive a portion of their transaction fees as a rebate in the form of free AUC.


Tiering system

An EcoPlayer will have the ability to upgrade their account up to 4 tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond). Where Silver is automatically held for just opening an account with AfriHub, Gold unlocks greater monthly limits after provision of additional personal documentation, Platinum removes transaction limits after providing full KYC and personal information and Diamond allows for the AUC Rebate Transaction Rewards after maintaining a monthly minimum of AUC transactions.

Ecoplayer Rebate

If an EcoPlayer has achieved a Diamond account status then ultimately all AUC trades will be at a reduced overall fee as a portion of the total fee paid will be refunded in AUC to the EcoPlayer.

AUC Rebate Transaction Reward Program

The AUC Rebate Transaction Reward Program functions in the sense that the more a user trades AUC with AfriHub the more real value they retain overall. Simply put, the more transactions conducted the more free AUC will be received as rewards.

Through simple services we provide a way to purchase through digital currency platforms. 

About us

We are a technical institute for hosting the ANT exchange through our local server systems.

Our mission

AMBC focuses on building the relationship between the customer, merchant partner and the ANT, to create an easy and accessible way of payment.

Our offer

  • ANT distribution
  • Exchange between AUC and ANT
  • Merchant service interface
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